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Introducing Hegel

Authorized dealer for Saskatchewan.

May be able to supply elsewhere in Canada where no dealer exists. Please inquire for more information.


Hegel H80 integrated amplifier

StereoLife – Jan 2014 “After listening to it for five minutes, then fifteen minutes, two hours, the conclusion was simple - this amp rocks!”


hi-fi+ - Feb 2014Where possible, I try to avoid discovering the price of a product until the end of the review, and I see if I can guess correctly. Usually, I’m in the right ball-park. With the H80, I got this spectacularly wrong. I put this at about the £5,000+ mark, in among some serious top-end integrated amp peers. It’s why I happily drove this amp through a pair of Raidho D1, completely unconscious of just how much of a ‘mullet’ system I had created in the process.”


Hegel H300 integrated amplifier

SoundStage! Access – Dec 2012 Simply put, the H300 is superb in every way. Consider the bar raised.”


the abso!ute sound – Jun 2013 “The greatest tribute I can pay the H300 is at once understated yet in its way an overwhelming affirmation: In all the hours I spent with this amp, I never wanted to shut it off. Ever. It represents the high end at its most rewarding.”


Hegel HD25 DAC

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SoundStage! Ultra – Mar 2013 “Bottom line: If you buy an HD25, you won’t be left wishing for a DAC like the Debussy. I could happily live with the HD25 and not look back.”


SoundStage! Hi-Fi – Aug 2013 “If I had the extra cash, I’d get the Hegel HD25 right away. Affordably priced, with plug’n’play installation, and easy to operate, it’s an excellent product and a gateway to high performance in computer-based digital playback.”


Hegel SUPER headphone amplifier


SoundStage! Global – Dec 2013 “But there was no denying the significant increase in sound quality by using this amp and DAC -- control, detail, and clarity, among other things, were all notably improved. And I do mean notably, since the improvements were anything but small, turning already good-sounding headphones into truly great ones.”


Hegel P20 preamplifier


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SoundStage! Hi-Fi – June 2013 “The Hegel P20 was neutral in its sound. It allowed for beautifully clear separation of sounds, voices, and instruments; and the vivid depth of its bass was a revelation. This preamplifier allowed singers and instruments on the best recordings to sound natural and almost fully real. The buyer gets far better sound than the P20’s price of $2900 suggests.”


Hegel H20 stereo amplifier


SoundStage! Hi-Fi – Mar 2011 “I’d listened to amps that I’d borrowed or reviewed that cost several times the H20’s price but couldn’t touch it in terms of overall performance. I was becoming jaded by the escalating costs of audio gear.”




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