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Roksan Darius S1 Loudspeakers

One of the top performing standmount speakers for anywhere near this price point. Hi-Fi+ compared them to the twice as expensive Raidho C1.1 and said “In a straight fight, there would be no clear winner.” Available for audition in one of our demo systems.


System 1 – Hegel and ATC



We’re now starting to post our systems you can audition. This is the first of more to come and features the highly acclaimed ATC SCM19 speakers and Hegel H360 integrated amplifier.


Furutech u-2T speaker cable


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We needed to fill a gap between our bulk GutWire cable and our factory terminated Furutech and GutWire speaker cables. This is a perfect solution.


Zerostat 3 Anti-static gun

Great for reducing static electricity on the surface of your records!

Hegel HD30 DAC



The new reference DAC by Hegel. Touted by Hegel as the best product they’ve ever made. An astonishing noise floor of -150dB and a wide variety of digital inputs including Ethernet for computer audio and their high-grade Apple Airplay implementation.


Bluesound Node 2

Stream your digital music to any stereo system and also stream internet radio and cloud content from services such as TIDAL and Spotify! Synch with Bluesound players all over your home.




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