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Sonist Recital 2 Loudspeakers

High efficiency and an easy amplifier load. This speaker is equally at home with both tube and solid state power. Excellent bass and extremely open and expressive mids with a detailed but unfatiguing top end.


ADL H128 Headphones

ADLs latest headphones feature a beautiful tonal balance and detail without being fatiguing in any way. Easy enough load to be driven well by a smartphone, but can also see benefit from a dedicated headphone amp.


Furutech E-TP80 Power Filter Distributor

Incredible value with 8 receptacles (4 with EMI noise filters), surge protection, GC-303 EMI-Absorbing material for all receptacles and a robust power cord.


Roksan K2 Integrated Amplifiers

Two remarkable integrated amps at new lower prices. Check them out on our Integrated Amplifiers page.

Hegel HD12 DAC

Probably the lowest noise floor of any DAC out there, regardless of price. USB, S/PDIF coax and toslink inputs, balanced and unbalanced outs and a great headphone out too!

provides the best sound for the least money of any DAC Ive had in my system. Jeff Fritz, SoundStage! ULTRA

Soundcare Superspikes Self-Adhesive model

A perfect solution for speakers without threaded spike inserts or unusual thread sizes. Works great under electronic components or subwoofers as well.

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