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Furutech GTX-D AC Receptacles

Widely regarded to be the best AC receptacles on the market. Absolutely stunning detail and transparency while remaining completely smooth. In a top-notch audio system, this is a must have.


Roksan Darius S1 speakers

“These are simply one of the best standmounts I’ve heard.” Hi-Fi Pig. While not in-expensive, these will compete with standmounts far in excess of their price. Hear it in one of our demo systems with the REL S/3 subwoofer.


REL Subwoofers

Exceptional performance and beautiful furniture at the same time. Whether for the most seamless integration for 2-channel listeners or impact and depth for home theatre, these subs definitely deliver.


GutWire USBe-1 USB Digital Cable

Hand-made in Canada and the first audiophile USB cable to use Beryllium Copper (BeCu) as connector. The gold-plated pin is made of 4N copper with crimped termination (first in the world). The top USB cable we’ve used.

Soundcare SuperSpikes

Protect your floors and get the sonic benefit of spikes at the same time. The Soundcare SuperSpikes allow your speakers to perform their best with a self-contained spike and footer that looks great and saves your hardwood floors from damage.

Roksan Two Stage Micro Fibre Record Cleaner

The Roksan Two Stage Micro Fibre Record Cleaner provides optimum cleaning of the record surface and grooves. The front brush ensures general cleaning of the record surface and the groove while the rear brush cleans the remaining dirt.



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