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Introducing T+A from Germany. Pictured is the combo of DAC 8 DSD and AMP 8. The DAC 8 DSD is a complete re-work of their highly acclaimed DAC 8 and will go head-to-head with any DAC available. Using technology from T+A’s top HV series, this DAC with incredible preamp section is a killer piece!


System 2 – Bel Canto and Roksan

A recent addition to our Systems pages. This system features Bel Canto’s DAC3.7 and the new REF600M monoblocks with Roksan’s stunning Darius S1 speakers. This is a must-hear system! Check out the full system details and listening impressions on this page.

Roksan Kandy K3 Integrated Amplifier

Features unflappable power and drive along with a level of refinement not seen before in the Kandy range. Plus, this integrated amp also has a MM phono stage at a calibre that you will rarely find built-in to an integrated amp.


Milty Super Exstatic Record Brush

The combination of carbon fibre filaments and velvet pad do a fantastic job at removing unwanted materials on your vinyl. Find all our phono accessories here.


You’d be hard pressed to find anything that remotely matches the SCM11 at this price point…the reviewers all agree. Stunning clarity and openness and incredible bass articulation with complete lack of compression. “…you’ll struggle to find more musical thrill power for your money elsewhere.” Hi-Fi Wigwam


Bluesound Pulse Mini

Stream digital music to anywhere in your home. Room-filling sound and excellent connectivity with Ethernet, wifi, aptX Bluetooth, USB and an analogue and optical connection. As always with Bluesound, sound quality paramount.




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