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(Black or Silver finish)


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Award-winning Melco N1A, hand-crafted in Japan:


-       High grade power supplies with audiophile grade components 60W x 1.

-       Dedicated LAN port for Player (Streamer) connectivity. This is a dedicated LAN port that is isolated and doesn’t see the noise of the rest of your home network. This can be connected to the Ethernet input of your music streamer of choice, or…

-       Connect via USB to a USB DAC to instantly turn the Melco into a superb audiophile quality streamer. If you already have a high-quality USB capable DAC, the Melco becomes both storage and audiophile quality streamer all in one!

-       Optimum data integrity and simple setup.

-       Audio-grade ultra-low jitter data clock - eliminates any possibility of data jitter at source. This is one reason why Melco surpasses many other music libraries in terms of sound quality. Utterly smooth and pure sound allowing your DAC or Ethernet connected device to perform at its very best.

-       2 x 2TB Hard-drives with floating mechanism.

-       Drives can be configured as 2TB storage with a RAID 1 configuration for redundancy or spanned to give 4TB total space.

-       Compatible with both PCM and DSD based files

-       Stereophile Class A+ rating


Many people use computers for their digital audio playback, but this is fraught with significant problems. Computers are multi-purpose devices capable of a wide variety of tasks. With this capability comes a lot of unnecessary overhead in terms of processes running in the background and non-audio related electronics that add considerable noise, grunge and jitter into the audio signal. This is largely responsible for many negative thoughts about digital sound being edgy and fatiguing. There are plenty of devices and software that try to help ameliorate these shortcomings, but even with a couple of them employed, they still typically do not fully succeed. Plus, you also deal with fan noise and the visual distraction of a computer in the listening environment.


The Melco digital music library products succeed where multi-purpose computers do not. These are dedicated audio components with ease of use, plenty of storage and a purity of sound allowing the detail, intricacy and beauty of your digital music to shine in a way that is smooth and non-fatiguing which results in greatly increased enjoyment. If dealing with tweaking out a computer via various software and connected devices to get the best sound is not your thing, or you feel overwhelmed with computer audio because you feel you aren’t very technically savvy, this is your device!


The Melco digital music library products are controlled by a variety of Android and iOS apps. Melco is also currently working on their own app as well. For Android, BubbleUPnP works very well and also allows for the streaming of cloud based content such as TIDAL HiFi. There are various other apps from Linn, Lumin, Audionet and 8player and more that also work with Melco.


Melco delivers firmware updates through your Ethernet connection ensuring your device is always kept up to date. This makes a superb product even better as Melco makes enhancements down the road. You can feel good knowing your investment in this technology will be kept current.


A superb match to connect directly to the T+A DAC8 DSD or many other high-quality DACs via USB.


Reviews on the Melco website


Stereophile – Class A+ - "The Melco N1A Buffaloed my combination of MacBook Pro and Synology NAS. It destroyed them, embarrassed them, gave them a good schooling. Music sounded obviously—frighteningly—more refined, more spacious, and more natural through the N1A. End of story. I can't imagine anyone in this universe who does nothing else while listening to music making the same comparison and not hearing this difference." (Vol.39 No.3 WWW)


HiFi Choice Issue 397If you are serious about streaming, this is a very fine one-stop solution to get the very best out of your system.”


HiFi World – March 2015“There was an absolute lack of graininess or smear and instead a natural, pristine quality to the sound, bringing out often missed details in even the most familiar of tracks.” “Bags of storage, simple to operate yet possessed of a gorgeous sound – it comes unreservedly recommended.”



Compatible Network Players and USB DACs (Note: if you do not see your DAC listed please ask us as there are many more compatible DACs that are not shown on this list yet).









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