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Roksan Xerxes 20plus Turntable



Piano White                       Piano Rosewood                      Piano Black


Xerxes 20plus ... $7,500 CAD (piano white, piano rosewood, piano black)

Xerxes 20plus with Pug tonearm ... $10,000 CAD

(requires speed control)


Speed Controls

XPS 7 Speed Control ... $1,250 CAD

Caspian Reference Speed Control - RPM ... $4,000 CAD


Phono Preamp

Caspian Reference Phono Stage – RPP $4,500 CAD


Combination Phono Preamp and Speed Control

Caspian Vinyl System Control – VSC $7,500 CAD

Caspian Vinyl System Control – VSC2S $8,000 CAD


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Note: Does not include tonearm or cartridge unless specified


The original Xerxes launched in 1985 was one of the most important turntables of the eighties. With advanced engineering techniques and radical solutions to address the inherent problems suffered by other turntables, the Xerxes offered a more enjoyable and accurate presentation of music.

Xerxes.20plus is the result of over 20 years of research and development and refinement of the Xerxes.20 based on Roksan's most advanced record player, the TMS 3.

Features and upgrade options

User Manual


      Main Bearing Spindle Hardened tool steel

      Roundness & Concentricity < 5 Microns

      Length to Diameter ratio 11:1

      Main Bearing Ball Super precision Tungsten Carbide

      Roundness < 1 Micron

      Diameter 2mm

      Main Bearing Housing Solid Phosphor Bronze

      Clearance 2/1,0000

      Inner Platter 2 Piece Solid Aluminium alloy

      Interference fitted non-resonant

      Outer Platter 2 Piece Solid Aluminium alloy

      Interference fitted non-resonant

      Structure 3 Plinth Design

      Isolation 3 Level De-coupling

      Motor Custom made 24 pole synchronous

      Pulley Solid Aluminium alloy

      Roundness & Concentricity < 1 Micron

      Drive Belt Precision ground Neoprene

      Motor Mount Unique synchronizing bearing

      Motor Drive External speed controller

      Wow & Flutter < 0.02%

      Rumble < -80dB

      Dimensions 450 x 370 x 115mm

      Weight 12 Kg



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