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Sonneteer Orton Integrated Amplifier



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After several years of development, the new Sonneteer Orton is finally here. All aspects of engineering and audio refinement that have been learnt over the past ten years that Sonneteer have been around are incorporated in this product.

A fully integrated, dual mono remote control amplifier, the Orton is aimed at the higher end of the market and is truly for the discerning listener. Amongst its features are three power supplies, one for each audio channel and one for the control circuitry keeping the audio signal as pure as possible from input to output.


Apart from its refined sound quality the Orton has a number of interesting features including programmable input sensitivity per channel via the remote handset, 12V DC output to control any number of Orton (available soon) power amps, and a remote sensor on the rear panel to aid easier and tidier home installations.





8-bit Microprocessor controlled integrated amplifier.

Dual main power supply, dual mono design.

Separate auxiliary power supply for microprocessor.

6 input, 2 outputs.

Pre-out and Line-out.

Programmable input sensitivity per channel via remote.

Last source memory.

Infra-red sensor at front and back for easy home installation

12V DC output for switching on power amps.

Remote sensor at rear for home install applications.

Dimensions (HxWxD) 70mm x 430mm x 280mm

Net. Weight Approx. 16Kg



Power >33Wrms @8 Ohms 0.1%THD+N

>50Wrms @4 Ohms 0.1% THD+N

Input impedance 10k Ohms

Gain 27dB

Input sensitivity: 650 mVrms (Low setting)

300 mVrms (High setting)

Bandwidth: 8Hz to 80kHz

THD: 0.01% @1kHz @ Full Power

0.02% @10kHz @ Full Power


Fuse Values:

USA/Canada: 110V/120V, T 6 Amp



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