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T+A Criterion TCD 315 S Loudspeaker


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Gloss finishes


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High gloss carbon finish


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With a height of just 85 cm, the TCD 315 S is the smallest and slimmest floor-standing speaker in the TCD series. Its construction is very similar to that of the other floor-standers; the speaker is fitted with the same mid-range and treble drivers as the TCD 310, while the bass units are simply a little smaller. In spite of its small stature, the TCD 315 S constitutes another fully mature speaker with a very long transmission line, which is folded several times within the cabinet. The two 15 cm bass units with low natural resonance are matched accurately to the transmission line, and their extremely hard, embossed carbon cones generate very low, accurate bass at high pressure.

The 15 cm mid-range unit and waveguide dome tweeter form an acoustic unit which provides constant radiation characteristics in the transitional area between mid-range and treble (CD = Constant Directivity). The waveguide dome is positioned below the mid-range driver, and this, combined with the carefully calculated design of the crossover unit, creates an acoustic axis in the mid / treble range which rises with increasing distance from the speaker, thereby compensating for the speaker’s low height. The result is brilliant reproduction of the mid / treble range in the area well above the cabinet itself.
As in the TCD 310, the mid-range driver provides perfect cover-age of the full vocal range from 320 to 2200 Hz, while its sparkling, dynamic nature creates an amazingly natural, lively impression. This superb drive unit is also employed in the SOLITAIRE® CWT 2000.

The woven dome of the waveguide tweeter provides a swift and airy response, and reproduces huge dynamic peaks without any trace of hardness or sharp edge. The large waveguide has a dual purpose: it perfectly matches the radiation characteristics of the treble unit to the mid-range drivers, and at the same time produces a time delay in the treble unit, thereby further improving the speaker’s transitional behaviour.

The sophisticated, double-sided three-way crossover unit (FSR) is effortlessly capable of handling extremely high levels, and ensures that the three frequency ranges are distributed precisely, as well as accurately generating an acoustic axis with a slight upward inclination. The impressive imaging and dispersion characteristics over the entire frequency range are directly due to the design of the crossover unit.

The curved cabinets are built on exactly the same principle as the other floor-standing loudspeakers, and - like them - are very heavy, and tremendously rigid and strong.


audio 12/2015 (Google Translated)Small form, High Art Transmission Line and small, that did not go together. Until now. The Criterion TCD 315 S prove the T + A developer that even in the smallest hut may be enough space for a transmission channel. The concept requires especially a lot of know-how, which is apparently maintained at T + A. Sonically like the brilliant, wide panorama that knows how to lift 315 S TCD. Here someone has not only tried a design program, but also listening very subtly balances the sound effect. Large litter, small design.” Sound judgment: 93 points, Price / offer: Very good


Audio Test 7/2015 (Google Translated) – “Together with the integrated amplifier PA 2000 R, the TCD 315 S makes at fully opened volume for clear, smooth playback. The experience of music, just like in a live concert, so nothing stands in the way. One need only close your eyes.”


stereoplay 10/2015 (Google Translated) – “pressure plus sensitivity and the large panoramic imaging. Anyone who has experienced this, you do not dare to continue to speak in this column speaker of "the little ones". Transmission Line for small spaces. Delightfully playful and stem-stable in the bass, punchy and colors strongly inclined.Sound: Corporate Elite, Price / Performance: good-very good


AV Magazine 9/2015 (Google Translated)The Criterion TCD 315 S is a frugal Speaker: He does not need monstrous amplifier is not critical to position and not nailed firmly to a listening position. However, he draws attention to himself and will make some enigmatic enjoy intensive listening session, because the Criterion TCD 315 S sounds really excellent. … T + A has the smallest Criterion a full-grown, fully voiced and sustainably convincing speaker.”





Nominal power rating

140 Watts

Music power rating

200 Watts


4 Ohms

Frequency range

30 - 35000 Hz

Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m

86 dB

Drive units (bass)

2 x 150 mm

Drive units (mid-range)

1 x 150 mm

Drive units (high-frequency)

1 x 25 mm

Crossover frequencies

320 / 2200 Hz

Dimensions H x W x D

84 x 21 x 31 cm


23 kg / 50.6 lb


Rubbed lacquer white 11


Rubbed lacquer black 12


Walnut dark 81


Cherry stain 82


Macassar ebony 90


High gloss 24


High gloss black 23


High gloss walnut dark 89


High gloss cherry stain 88


High gloss macassar ebony 87


High gloss Carbon 93


Arctic silver 94

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