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Alta Audio Rhea Loudspeaker


Alta Audio Rhea Loudspeaker

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Retail $4,495 USD



Other veneers and optional painted finishes available

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Piano Black $8,000 USD


Rhea Stand/Extended Plinth - Now Included!


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Alta Audio's Rhea is unimposing in physical size, but presents a large and wide image with extraordinary bass. An audition will make you wonder how it can recreate the space and specificity of the concert hall while packing the wallop and power of live instruments. Created using the same XTL transmission line bass and DampHard cabinet construction on the faceplate as our highly reviewed Celesta FRM-2 speakers, it does so at a far more attainable price and is housed in a beautiful Rosewood standard cabinet. The black seven inch midrange/woofer blends smoothly and seamlessly into the five inch pure ribbon tweeter, creating a sweet sound that can move you physically, while presenting intimate details of three dimensional images from the front to the deepest parts of the concert hall.


Elegant Ribbon Tweeter

A 3rd generation ribbon tweeter with excellent clarity and dynamics powers the exceptional upper register of the Rhea.

  • 3rd generation ribbon driver technology
  • 12mm width reinforced sandwich ribbon diaphragm
  • High power handling, low distortion, very fast transient response
  • Strong Neodymium magnet


Wide-band Midrange/Woofer

The Rhea's state of the art midrange/woofer driver is designed for enhanced clarity and dimensionality.

  • Heavy-duty 6-hole cast frame
  • Black anodized cone
  • Solid aluminum phase plug
  • Low-loss rubber surround
  • Accurate, smooth frequency response


Clearer, Faster, More Powerful Bass



All our cabinets are specially designed with our proprietary sonic geometry, making our cabinets themselves musical instruments that provide powerful bass while delivering unparalleled clarity and speed.


Hear the Music, Not the Speaker



Our proprietary multi-layer, multi-density cabinet material dampens resonance at all frequencies. With a cabinet dead of resonance the speaker fades into the music creating clear, open, and dimensional sound reproduction.


Audiophilia -"The Rhea is another Alta Audio winner that is live sounding with addictive overall musicality. It delivers about 85% of the sound quality of the Celesta at 1/3rd the price. Very versatile, the Rhea allows for a wide range of amplification as well as lots of flexibility for positioning within a room. A steal I'd say. Highly recommended without any reservations."


Stereophile RMAF report- "I kept looking at the ordinary looking $4500 speakers and thinking, what the ..." "With both CD and LP sources, the Altas played like they cost $50k."


The Absolute Sound RMAF report - "Especially given their modest price tag of $4495 the pair, I was quite impressed by the Rhea, a product of Alta Audio of Bridgeport, Connecticut. These two-way floorstanders have a reported frequency response specification of 32Hz to 47kHz; bass power is prodigious for a speaker this size, thanks to a transmission-line design and innovative cabinet construction. Orchestral colors on the Shostakovich disc were beautifully represented and acoustic bass had wonderful body and weight on small-group jazz recordings. Its graceful form factor and a wide choice of finishes assure compatibility with virtually any domestic decorating style."


Part Time Audiophile RMAF report - "The Alta Audio Rhea retails for $4,500 a pair but sounds far more expensive for the clarity, flow, and dynamics delivered. Shopping in this price range? You need to hear the Rhea first."


Hi-Fi+ RMAF report - "Our final (very nice) surprise was delivered in the Alta Audio room. Alta's own modest yet attractive two-way floor-standers (the Rhea, $4495) were paired with the Nuprime DAC-10 pre-amp ($1500) and REF20 mono-blocks ($7600). If the electronics and speakers were definitely approachable, the source wasn't: the Grand Prix Monaco v1.5, Triplanar Ultimate 12" tonearm, Lyra Scala cartridge and the latest Tom Evans Groove+ phono-stage. Roll that lot together and it adds up to around three times the rest of the chain, but you couldn't argue with the musical results. Relaxed but clearly structured, with the explicit tempi and explosive dynamics that characterize the GPA 'table, this system was both extremely engaging and expressive. Rhythmically secure and musically articulate, capable of great delicacy and fluid phrasing, this set up made the Alta Audio room a welcome oasis of musical calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the show."



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Height: 35 inches, 36.5 inches with spikes

Width: 8 inches at top, 12 inches at bottom

Depth: 11 inches

Weight: 49 lbs

Driver complement:

- One 5 3/4 inch ribbon tweeter

- One 7 inch woofer

Sensitivity: 87.5 dB / 2.83 Volts @

Frequency response: 32Hz to 47kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Requirements: 50 to 150 Watts per channel

Alta XTL Bass with DampHard faceplate





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