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High-end 2-way loudspeaker

Inspired by classic models, the "Direkt" high-end two-way loudspeakers are custom-made in the Heco laboratory! A 275 mm bass/mid with a kraft paper diaphragm and extremely low-distortion drive is responsible for a crisp and precise bass, supported by a generous volume of air and two downfire reflex tubes. Combined with the high-energy silk cone with a particularly strong double-magnet drive and solid-aluminium wave-control horn, a finely balanced, dynamic soundscape is produced with a crystal clear and direct vocal range. On account of its excellent efficiency and linearized impedance characteristics, the Direkt harmonises perfectly not only with high-quality transistor amplifiers, but also with delicate tube amplifiers. The sloping flat enclosure in a dual-colour stripe design provides for visual highlights, while solid metal feet ensure optimum weight distribution thanks to the three-point mounting.



Inspired by traditional roots, the engineers at Heco have created a modern 2-way loudspeaker in line with the latest development standards and with innovative technologies. The HECO Direkt combines the dynamics and bass power of a large floor-standing loudspeaker with the realistic, self-contained spatial and three-dimensional quality of a high-end two-way speaker. All of the individual components have been specially developed for this loudspeaker, trimmed to high efficiency and maximum low distortion with elaborate and time-consuming detailed precision work.


Optimised components ensure excellent performance

An impressive bass is just one of the qualities of the 275 mm bass/mid with the Heco kraft paper diaphragm. Thanks to development using Klippel laser measurement technology, the chassis drive features optimum low distortion, delivering the highest sound precision right into the mid-tone ranges. To ensure this is also maintained in the deep bass range, two flow-optimised, rounded reflex tubes on each side of the bottom of the enclosure provide for optimum acoustic coupling to the room. At 2.350 Hz, a 28 mm silk-compound cone with a particularly wide surround takes over. Thanks to a powerful double magnet system and efficiency-enhancing wave-control horn made of aluminium, it provides for excellent dynamics and is therefore the ideal partner for the particularly dynamic subwoofer. The result is a finely balanced soundscape of the highest precision. The crisp bass, the extremely clear and direct mid-tone range and the dynamically fine treble range are accompanied by outstanding dynamic capabilities. Efficiency, dynamics and tonal purity at this level can otherwise only be achieved with horn loudspeakers – however, the HECO Direkt delivers these qualities without the often aggressive aftertaste of the horns. Its particularly high efficiency and the impedance characteristics linearized via the impedance control circuit also make it suitable for tube and transistor amplifiers over 10 watts per channel.


Top technology and timeless design

The sloping flat enclosure specially designed for the HECO Direkt not only provides for visual elegance, it also offers tangible acoustic advantages. The extra-wide baffle and the backward tilt optimise the dispersion characteristics and the acoustic phase of the chassis combination. The three-point mounting on sleek all-metal feet ensures optimum weight distribution in physical terms. Visually, the influence of iconic guitars from rock history on the Direkt is unmistakable. The name of the loudspeaker says it all - it gets "Direkt"-ly to the point!


Hi-Fi Choice - Editor's Choice - "At the outset, I hoped that a new high sensitivity speaker choice had arrived, and I am not disappointed. Music flows effortlessly from the Direkt and its lightning speed, potent dynamics and hear-through transparency feels like a speaker with few compromises."


i-fidelity.net - "Heco is setting a new benchmark with "Direkt". Despite speakers becoming increasingly smaller and more compact, these are real acoustic transducers that can be seen and heard at a very high level."


av-magazin.de - "...the concept of the Direkt is ambitious and extremely promising, full of special treats for aficionados. A veritable feast for every music fan and audiophile gourmet. The playback is wonderfully crisp and absolutely masterful. The Direkt is an excellently coordinated synthesis of exemplary resolution and clout - a highlight!"


Hifi Critic - Best Buy - "Despite its generous sensitivity and relatively easy to-drive load, the measurements are impressively evenhanded, showing clear evidence that it has been put together by engineers with serious expertise."


Datasheet (pdf)




Design                                                     2 way bass reflex
Driver Complement                                 275mm (11") bass/mid
                                                                28mm (1.2") silk dome tweeter with horn loading
Power Handling (RMS/Max)                   200/320W
Impedance                                              4-8 Ohm
Bandwidth                                               25-28000 Hz
Crossover Frequency                             2350 Hz
Recommended Amplifier power             10-320W
Sensitivity                                               95 dB/W
Cabinet Finish                                         White/Silver and Black/Black semi matt lacquer
Dimensions (WxDxH)                             440 x 998 x 397 mm (17.3" x 39.3" x 15.6") including feet
Weight                                                     25.8 Kg





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