Acoustic Energy AE509 Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)
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Acoustic Energy AE509 Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

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The AE509 is a slim-line floor-standing loudspeaker suitable for medium to large sized rooms. As part of the flagship 500 Series, the AE509 features newly developed carbon fibre tweeters and mid/bass drivers. The new drivers have the benefit of low mass and self-damping which results in a smoother and more transparent sound.

Our new 500 Series tweeter features a brand new 25mm carbon fibre dome. Carbon fibre provides a lightning fast, natural and neutral sound which makes for long-term enjoyment and listenability without fatigue. The new cast aluminium WDT waveguide on the high frequency driver is positioned close to the mid/bass driver for optimum dispersion and is extremely stiff to reduce vibration being passed to the tweeter, ensuring sweet, clear and natural highs.

The two 125mm mid/bass drivers used in an MTM configuration include new oversized 35mm voice coils for low thermal compression and very high motor force factor to provide a highly dynamic yet controlled bass response. The woofers have an optimised motor and suspension system for maximum linearity and lowest distortion ensuring mid-range definition, whilst the lightweight nature of the carbon fibre cone material increases transient speed and clarity.

These unique drivers are housed in our new Resonance Suppression Composite (RSC) cabinets evolved from the prestigious Reference Series and featuring the same constrained layer composite to greatly reduce cabinet acoustic radiation, which would otherwise colour the sound. The cabinets are finished in high gloss Piano Black, Piano White or American Walnut wood veneer finishes. Solid Aluminium bars are supplied to ensure rigid floor-coupling and maximum stability, whilst the stiffness of the metal structure reduces the room to speaker interaction.

Offering unparalleled levels of performance, quality and value the result is a loudspeaker range with clean, uncluttered lines delivering a thrilling and powerful presentation discerning Acoustic Energy owners have come to expect for over 30 years.

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