Bel Canto DAC2.7 DAC Control Preamp Used
Bel Canto DAC2.7 DAC Control Preamp Used

Bel Canto DAC2.7 DAC Control Preamp Used

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Taken on trade in excellent condition. Still a current model and a highly regarded DAC!

Incredible audio performance, features, and flexibility, the DAC2.7 is musically open, detailed, and natural sounding. The high-quality built-in volume control allows you to easily drive a power amp directly via its RCA or XLR outputs. As an option, you can use the XLR outputs to go to the XLR inputs on the amp of your choice and still use the RCA outputs to drive a sub as well. Or, you can set the volume control as fixed and use it as strictly a standalone DAC.
Class Leading 124dB Dynamic Range
24 Bit Volume Control
24/192 Asynchronous USB2.0
Analog Input
5 Asynchronous Digital Inputs
High Current Headphone Output Driver
Remote Control

HDR Core is the result of 20+ years of engineering to refine the digital to analog process and is comprised of 3 major components: Low Noise and Ultra Low Noise Master Clocks, Advanced Asynchronous Interfaces, and Dual Mode Low-Noise High Efficiency Power Supplies. HDR Core technology is fundamental to every e.One DAC and Integrated product, creating the most realistic, open, and defined musical experience possible.

Built In Headphone Output

This low-impedance, high-output headphone amp circuit has been designed to drive any pair of high-quality headphones with pristine clarity. You'll be amazed at the musical depth they bring to your headset.

Simple, Elegant Interface

Designed to be functional and simple, the dual-functioning one knob interface is a joy to use. The display works with it seamlessly to access all basic functions in a few clicks. The included 36 button infrared remote allows instant command functions and display editing.

Asynchronous USB Input

24/192 Asynchronous input works with the internal dual Low Noise clocks to provide unprecedented digital audio sound quality and impact from your computer audio sources.

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