DALI Epicon 2 with stands - Demo
DALI Epicon 2 with stands - Demo

DALI Epicon 2 with stands - Demo

On sale: CAN$6,649.00
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Part Number:EA-634
Retail $9,499 … demo price $6,649.  Immaculate condition.
Note: not only are the Danes known for the sound quality of their speakers, but their finish too! This high gloss black finish is impeccable. The pictures do not do them justice. They’re absolutely stunning! The matching stands bolt directly to the speakers with a heavy rubberized layer in-between for optimal speaker isolation and stability. They come with heavy-duty 10mm spikes and spike feet as well to protect hardwood floors.
An incredibly well-regarded speaker from a Danish manufacturer that has been making high-end speakers for 37 years! Very low distortion with the implementation of their unique Soft Magnetic Compound technology and paper/wood fibre cones. Not a difficult speaker to drive, but if you can give them a lot of high-quality power, they’ll respond extremely well. They play big with room filling bottom end extension and impact beyond what the specifications show. They are also masters of dispersion which allows for a huge soundstage and large sweet spot as well. Fire them directly ahead with no toe in as that’s their designed based on their dispersion. They provide plenty of detail without sounding hyped or overly analytical.
What Hi-Fi?
“The Epicon 2s are fun. They do everything we’d expect from high-end standmounters but add a large dose of entertainment too. That’s not something we can say of many rivals.”
“It shows the typical and perfectly spatial imaging qualities of a compact loudspeaker, combined with a low-end fundament that sets a new benchmark not only in its price range or speaker size class.”
“The last word has to be that since we've had these plugged in, we have not stopped listening to things on them. Every waking moment has been full of music, and that's why we're really going to miss them when they've gone.”
If you’re local to Regina, ask us for a demo.

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