Dual Pocket Vinyl Outer Sleeves (25 pack)
Dual Pocket Vinyl Outer Sleeves (25 pack)

Dual Pocket Vinyl Outer Sleeves (25 pack)

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This 4 mil outer sleeve design is meant to protect your album cover while still giving you easy access to the vinyl record. The album pocket has a 1.25 inch resealable flap to give you a perfect archival seal. The record pocket is open to easily slide your record in. We don't recommend storing your record in the pocket without a MOFI inner sleeve (not included in the price). The pictures are just to demonstrate the two pocket design.

These CPP sleeves have excellent properties including clear transparency, scratch resistance, heat resistance and are moisture proof. CPP (cast polypropylene) film has a clear advantage over standard BOPP, polyethylene, Mylar or PVC sleeves.

What are the advantages of cast polypropylene?
CPP has higher tear and impact resistance, better cold temperature performance and moisture transmission properties than standard sleeves. CPP won't turn cloudy over the normal life of the product, unlike other films. CPP is very hard to crease unlike BOPP and has some stretch forgiveness. Cast film is usually used in applications that require superior optical properties such as gloss, transparency, surface smoothness, and good tear resistance.

Are they a little pricey compared to other low cost sleeves?
Yes, but they are a true premium product to protect your expensive, irreplaceable record collection for years to come. No other product will give you this amazing clarity.

Note: MOFI inner sleeves in the pictures are not included, but highly recommended to use in conjunction with these 4 mil dual pocket vinyl outer sleeves.

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