Furutech u-2T Mono Wire clearance (new)

Furutech u-2T Mono Wire clearance (new)

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Furutech u-2T


The Furutech u-2T speaker cable with high performance 24K gold-plated locking bananas, utilizing Furutech’s a (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing process, provides excellent detail retrieval without sounding bright or etched. Bass reproduction is fast and extremely well controlled. A common trait with Furutech cable is transparency and control without brightness and this speaker cable is a brilliant example.

We utilize Furutech’s a (Alpha) 24K gold-plated crimp sleeves over the cable conductor and use a high pressure crimp tool. This cold-crimp style of termination, with no solder involved, allows for the purity of the cables to remain undisturbed and also doesn’t allow for oxidization of the speaker cable conductor material. The set screws then on the locking banana make for a solid and secure connection with the crimp sleeve. The outer sheathing we use adds an unmistakably attractive look to the cable and the shrink wrap aids in strain relief and yet another barrier to prevent oxidization.


Construction: a (Alpha) Conductor

Insulation: Polyethylene White, Red

Max. Conductor Resistance: 5.4 O/km

Overall Diameter: 13.5 mm (12 AWG) / (3.05 sq.mm)

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