GutWire B-10 Power Cable
GutWire B-10 power cable

GutWire B-10 Power Cable

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4 ft
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15A Wattgate 320i IEC
20A Wattgate 320i HC IEC [+CAN$56.00]
A worthy successor to the venerable GutWire B-12!

The GutWire B-10 provides notable sound quality improvements including considerably better bass response. With more discrete conductors contributing to an increase in gauge, this cable is even more capable when it comes to high-current components. The B-10 is an outstanding power cable for amplifiers, high-powered subwoofers or used as the cable from your wall outlet to a line conditioner feeding a number of components.

However, it doesn’t stop there. This isn’t a power cable strictly for amplifiers. This cable will also work extremely well with preamps or source components such as DACs, music servers, CD players and much more.

For years, we’ve had excellent feedback from customers on sound quality improvements using the GutWire B-12. We’ve compared the B-12 to power cables 2X the price or even more and found it either very competitive or superior. The GutWire B-10 is that and even more.

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