GutWire Stingray2 Power Bar
GutWire Stingray2 Power Bar

GutWire Stingray2 Power Bar

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Forget those power bars that suck the dynamics and life from your system by limiting current. This is the power bar for the audiophile. The GutWire Stingray2 will give you the extra outlets you need without sacrificing quality. The 2-metre cable will also allow you to reach farther away components. Instead of degrading your sound like the typical power bar, the GutWire Stingray2 will actually improve it by the use of a high-quality shielded AC cable and hospital grade outlets. You can even plug it into GutWire’s own Maxcon2 to increase your number of outlets and still get the line conditioning benefits.

For high quality outlet expansion or extension, this is definitely the way to go.

  • Beautifully-crafted special grade aluminum chassis
  • Effectively shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
  • Internal layer on bottom plate of Formula GC-303
  • Effectively shields against EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)
  • Internal wiring: Furutech Alpha-22 conductor at 3.8 sq. mm (< 12 AWG)
  • Guarantees low electrical resistance
  • Pure Transmission FP-20A(R) High Performance Rhodium-Plated Receptacles
  • Each duplex separately “star-wired” to High Performance FI-09(R) IEC AC input
  • Separate conductor sets on each duplex
  • Rhodium-plated phosphor bronze, non-magnetic conductors for stable, long lasting, optimized power transfer
  • Furutech’s Axial Locking System lowers receptacle resonance by a factor of 10

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