Ingress Audio - Speaker Footers (8 piece set)

Ingress Audio - Speaker Footers (8 piece set)

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8 piece set

Vibration Isolation

Vibration is detrimental to sound quality in all aspects of audio reproduction from sensitive electronic components to speakers and their interaction with the room. These Ingress Audio Engineering footers will greatly enhance the sound from your speakers. Expect considerable gains in bass definition and articulation as well as additional sophistication and openness in the midrange and treble without any hardness. You’ll hear your speakers play without the muddiness and lack of definition that can plague sound caused by the effects of vibration.

They can be used under your tower speakers or speaker stands and includes 8mm tapped holes. Items provided will isolate a pair of speakers - (16) bases (7075 aluminum), (8) 3/8" bearings and (8) 8mm threaded studs for your speakers. These have a 3" spherical radius and a super fine gloss black anodized machine finish on the dish.

Placed underneath or into the threaded holes of your favorite loudspeakers, these will greatly elevate their performance.

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