Skylan Stands for Vimberg Amea
Skylan Stands for Vimberg Amea

Skylan Stands for Vimberg Amea

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This is a new stand design by Noel Nolan from Skylan Stands and this particular model was made for us to match the Vimberg Amea. This is easily Skylan’s best sounding stand yet!

It starts from the ground up with a dual layer base with a dampening material between them. Above this are four mass loadable columns that are attached to the top and bottom plates via threaded rods. The rods take vibration from the speaker and transmit them towards the base of the stand. The rods themselves are also dampened in this model and further deadening of the stand can be employed by the use of fill in the columns. However, the efforts made in this design are such that filling the columns isn’t even required. Between the already incredibly inert cabinet of the Vimberg Amea and additional improvements in this particular stand, you can be assured it will work superbly with the Vimberg Amea without mass loading. However, the ability to fill them is there if you desire to experiment. The top plate is affixed with a number of small feet strategically placed to provide optimal isolation and also prevent the speaker from sliding on the stand.

Slim shank threaded pointed feet and a flat footed model for hardwood floors are provided (see the pictures). Optionally, we can provide Soundcare SuperSpikes ¼ threaded model to ensure no damage to your floors with the ability to easily move the speakers to aid in placement.

The satin black finish of the stands is versatile enough to be a great visual match for any of the Vimberg Amea finishes.

The Vimberg Amea is a fairly large standmount speaker that will tend to not match well visually or performance-wise to many of the commercial speaker stands available. With this Skylan Stand for the Vimberg Amea, you have a stand that will live up to the performance of this exceptional speaker while providing a visual statement with the speaker that is both substantial and elegant at the same time.

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