Acoustic Energy Corinium Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)
Acoustic Energy Corinium Tectona finish

Acoustic Energy Corinium Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

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The new flagship from Acoustic Energy.

In developing the Corinium, Acoustic Energy has re-examined every aspect of the design providing better detail, dynamics and transparency while still adhering to the Acoustic Energy sound and unbridled musicality. This is not an upgraded 500 series, but a brand-new design from the ground up.

  • New lightweight carbon fibre bass driver with an ideal combination of stiffness and damping
  • Low hysteresis motor system providing improved efficiency, speed and performance
  • Very low frequency port bass tuning allows for the positive characteristics of a sealed enclosure (speed, slam and rhythm) while still having the compact nature and improved power handling of a bass reflex design
  • New tweeter developed from a synthetic polyester material called Tetoron providing similar mass to a very lightweight silk tweeter, but with more stiffness resulting in a more open and clean sound
  • Shallow waveguide results in wide directivity while preventing diffraction from the speaker edges
  • Neutral and very low colouration midrange driver covering five octaves allows for a less aggressive crossover slope for lower phase shift
  • Dedicated vented chamber for the midrange driver
  • Improved low phase crossover for superior time domain performance
  • Crossover features high quality air core inductors, metalized polypropylene film capacitors and metal oxide resistors
  • Audiophile-grade oxygen free copper cable from Wireworld specifically developed for internal wiring featuring a patented layout of conductors for neutrality and openness
  • Curved cabinet featuring a hybrid Resonance Suppression Composite (RSC) with thicknesses varying from 22mm to 45mm and a 6mm ultra rigid aluminium front baffle housing the drivers
  • 4-degree tilt improving time alignment of the drivers
  • Curved cabinet reduces diffraction compared to a large flat radiating area and provides a beautiful aesthetic in the listening space
  • Front baffle consists of 25mm MDF with a 6mm aluminum plate for superb stiffness
  • Tweeter is mounted directly to the aluminum baffle to provide some isolation from the resonance of the midrange and bass drivers
  • Similar high-quality stable bar and spike arrangement to the 500 series effective at draining waste energy and providing a time alignment tilt by employing shorter rear spikes

  • Approx. 18 – 24 inches from the rear wall with moderate tow-in to be able to see some of the inner sides of the cabinet and pointing past you and not directly at you.
  • Sidewall distance is ideally 2 metres, but a minimum of 1 metre is adequate.
  • Use the supplied spikes for carpeted floors with the protectors underneath for hardwood floors.
  • Seating height ideally with ear at the midrange level.

  • To experience the full dynamics and performance, utilize an amplifier of 100W or greater into 8 ohms.
  • If you only listen to low levels, an amplifier with lower power may be sufficient.

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