Amphion Argon7LS Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)
Amphion Argon7LS Standard White

Amphion Argon7LS Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

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The Argon7LS provides all the classic virtues of the Argon series with outstanding detail and class-leading levels of midrange transparency. However, with an additional midbass driver and passive radiator, the Argon 7LS provides a level of scale and dynamics the smaller Argon speakers are unable to attain. There’s a level of power and dynamics that really brings the full essence of the most challenging recordings to life. 

The midrange resolution combined with a detailed, yet smooth, top end and an extended and powerful bass leads to a sound that’s full, balanced and cohesive from top to bottom. As part of the speaker design, it also excels with coherency, outstanding dispersion and a large sweet spot. The rear passive radiators also offer a number of advantages in comparison to a port with the elimination of air turbulence chuffing sounds and makes the speaker less prone to placement issues. By adding extra height over the 3LS while keeping the slim and elegant footprint, Amphion is able to add an extra front 6.5” midbass driver and rear passive radiator that results in a speaker that is capable of more effortlessly filling larger spaces.

The Argon7LS allows you to hear the full scale and purity of the recording.
Argon7LS provides a level of detail, resolution, transparency and powerful bass response that allows them to excel in musical engagement

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