Amphion Helium510 Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)
Amphion Helium510 Full White

Amphion Helium510 Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

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Skylan 2-post 26" speaker stands for Argon1 [+CAN$435.00]
Soundcare SuperSpikes 1/4" model (2 sets of 4) [+CAN$159.90]
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Helium510 bookshelf loudspeakers are the most popular Helium. Their natural midrange and clarity allow them to sound engaging in all rooms and settings – even at low listening levels.


Incredible midrange resolution and extended bass response from a small enclosure

Wide sweet spot for listening in a variety of locations

Great small to medium room choice, but is also excellent as a desktop solution

Excels at low volumes where many are not engaging until turned up

Not difficult to drive, but benefits from high-quality amplification

Plays all genres of music well and is fairly forgiving of room placement

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