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Computer audio allows easy access to a world of recorded music, but early-on the sound was unnatural and so failed to express the music. Antipodes Audio was founded in 2009 to solve this problem, by creating musically-expressive music server/streamers for great audio systems. Driven by revealing the subtleties that captivate us, we design music servers that allow music to flow naturally, organically, and with ease, so that we are immersed in music's powerful messages.
“For us, it’s far bigger than producing pleasing sounds, and far more important than creating a 'sound spectacular'. We’re here to deliver nothing less than emotional fulfilment every time our customers listen to music. Musicians create a piece of music to convey an emotional message. We create utterly natural sounding digital products to deliver all of that message." Mark Jenkins, Founder & CEO of Antipodes Audio
"[Antipodes are] masters of ambiance and recreating the sense of artists being living-and-breathing entities, within a soundstage that breathes, moves, and flows just as required by the music" HIFI ADVICE
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