Aune AR5000 Headphones with FREE stand
Aune AR5000

Aune AR5000 Headphones with FREE stand

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Balanced Cable
Add optional Aune AR3 4.4mm balanced headphone cable (+CAN$49.99)
Introductory offer includes FREE headphone stand ($29 value).
Super lightweight and very comfortable to wear with astonishing sound quality. With headphones, comfort is paramount. If the headphones aren’t comfortable, you won’t want to wear them no matter how good they sound. With the AR5000, you almost forget you’re wearing them. Thankfully, the sound quality doesn’t take a back seat! These are detailed, natural and balanced sounding headphones with absolutely no fatigue. The audio press and customers alike are shocked by the incredible sound of the AR5000’s especially when you consider the affordable price.

The AR5000 headphones feature an innovative MLD (Multi-Layer Distributed) driver, a meticulously designed high-tilt acoustic structure and a patented concentric circle wearing system that delivers a relaxed and rich sound, a deep and wide soundstage, a comfortable wearing experience, and an authentic reproduction of the exquisite texture of music.

Open Ear Design
50 mm innovative driver
MLD diaphragm
28 Ohm, easy to drive
Ultra-low distortion
Variably adjustable
Lightweight Design
Patented Wearing System
Detachable cable
Outstanding build quality

Easy to Drive:
The high sensitivity and low impedance of the AR5000 assure they can be easily driven by any device with a headphone output. However, due to the sound capability of the AR5000, a quality headphone amp will yield superior results. Aune’s own Yuki dongle is a great affordable choice for portable use or consider their impressive desktop amp/dacs.

Balanced Capability:
The included cable with 3.5mm connector and 6.35mm adapter provides compatibility for a wide range of components. However, for a very modest price, you can add Aune’s balanced 4.4mm cable with Pentaconn connector to provide superior sound with Aune’s own products such as the Yuki, X1s GT, S9C Pro and many others on the market with a 4.4mm balanced output.

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