Bel Canto e1X Integrated Amplifier / DAC / Network Capable
Bel Canto e1X integrated

Bel Canto e1X Integrated Amplifier / DAC / Network Capable

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The new e1X line incorporates many ground-breaking designs from the Black series. Each e1X component is designed with great attention to detail, focusing on our unique input approach, DAC core performance and power amplifier technologies that optimize and maintain the purest signal quality. Built in a constrained layer damped chassis with high-grade aluminum defines the simple and elegant look.

The new e1X Integrated, Shares the DAC Control preamplifier core and functions with a custom power amplifier rated at 180/250 watts. Stream music through Ethernet or USB, or the full suite of digital inputs, line level inputs, sub output and MM/MC software controlled analog phono stage. Features include software controlled Trim, Bass EQ and subwoofer filter management. Roon Ready or DLNA control with Bel Canto SEEK iOS APP to stream Tidal/MQA, Qobuz or your personal library.

SEEK App (iOS) Note: Android information at the bottom 

The Seek iOS App allows you to stream music to your networked Bel Canto Black system, playlist management over servers, create playlists, play MQA, DSD, PCM formats and gives you system volume control all from your iOS smart phone or tablet. 

Bel Canto’s Asynchronous Multi input Platform (AMiP) in the Black Series connects (Ethernet and USB-A) to your home Network to stream music using the SEEK App to play from subscription accounts, TIDAL (MQA) Qobuz or becomes a server with a large drive attached to the USB-A eliminating the need for a computer in your system. Control your music with SEEK on your iOS device. 

SEEK is about discovering and managing your music easily, something we see as the ultimate pleasure in musical playback. Making the connection to your home network is straight forward and requires only a connection to your router and downloading the APP to your iOS device. Currently SEEK only works with an iOS device. 

After downloading, you can use the below guide to use the app:

1) Network interface device setup and firmware update for renderer 
2) Device information 
3) Timeline and repeat, shuffle options 
4) Transport 
5) Mute 
6) Master volume 
7) Micro-volume toggle 
8) Main menu options 
9) Refresh network connection 
10) Available network devices 
11) Connected device 
12) Access and control files connected to USB-A

NOTE: If you’re an Android user, there are various UPnP/DLNA apps that you can use for controlling the renderer including TIDAL streaming. Mconnect control will give you the same user experience and features as Bel Canto’s SEEK. Mconnect control is needed if there are software-based renderer updates through the Device Setup menu of the app. For another app option, BubbleUPnP will also work as well.

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