Cayin RU7 Resistor Ladder Dongle DAC/Amp
Cayin RU7

Cayin RU7 Resistor Ladder Dongle DAC/Amp

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Lightning cable for RU7 (+CAN$29.99)
Best DAC/AMP Dongle - "The Cayin RU7 has a tuning which is more to the neutral side, but with its full body and powerful, controlled bass impact, it is a very musical and engaging DAC/AMP dongle." "...Cayin has certainly set the bar very high."

A reference portable headphone DAC/Amp for connection to your wireless device or computer. Or use it in line out mode as a portable resistor ladder DAC in a traditional hi-fi system. Be prepared for a level of sound quality, power, detail and musical engagement you’ve never imagined from a portable DAC.

“We’re absolutely spellbound by the sound quality of the Cayin RU7 paired with the Meze 109 Pro. Highly recommended.” Everest Audio

1-bit resistor ladder DAC, fully balanced
Resistor network of 128 pcs (4 x32) high precision Thin Film Resistors
3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs
Impressive output power: 3.5mm SE, 160mW @32 ohms or 4.4mm BAL, 400mW @32 ohms
Option to use as a line output with 3.5mm (1.2Vrms) or 4.4mm balanced (2.4Vrms)
Supports PCM up to 384kHz and native DSD from DSD64 to DSD256
Digital audio signal converted to DSD (DSD64/DSD128/DSD256) before feeding to the discrete 1-bit DAC
Discrete volume control – maximize phone volume and use the RU7’s volume control for optimal quality
100 step volume with low and high gain settings allow a wide range of volume control for even sensitive IEMs
Low power consumption to reduce power drain from mobile source
OLED screen for playback and menu information
Works with Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices

Includes: magnetic leather protective case, 2 circular metal plates with adhesive tape pad, USB-C cable and USB-A to USB-C adapter
Optional USB-C to Lightning cable sold separately
Weight: 25g
Dimensions: 66X24X12mm. Small enough to fit into your smallest pocket


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