Combo - Bel Canto Pre5 and REF501S
Combo - Bel Canto Pre5 and REF501S Black

Combo - Bel Canto Pre5 and REF501S

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This is the starting point into Bel Canto separates with the fully analogue Pre5 preamp and REF501S stereo power amplifier.
Connect the two via high-quality balanced XLR interconnect cables such as the Vertere Pulse D-Fi or GutWire Congruence Cube and then add your source whether it be a digital front end such as a DAC and/or streamer or phono preamp. Expect extremely low noise floor and superb refinement with the ability to drive a wide variety of speakers. Bass control is excellent and the top end is smooth with the tonal balance just slight leaning to warm side of neutral. Easy listening without fatigue, wonderful musicality and expansive soundstage are the hallmarks.

"...they deliver all of this goodness in a small attractive package(s) at a price that seems nearly too low to be true." Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines.
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