Combo - Hegel H190V and Acoustic Energy AE509
Hegel H190V and Acoustic Energy AE509 Piano Black

Combo - Hegel H190V and Acoustic Energy AE509

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There’s an incredible synergy between Hegel and the Acoustic Energy 500 series (with one caveat…see below). One superb combo that is well matched in price and performance is the Hegel H190V integrated amplifier and Acoustic Energy AE509 floorstanding speakers.
Make sure you give the Acoustic Energy 500 series enough power and watch them shine! So, with the AE509, the H190V is a great match, but don’t be afraid at all to go to the H390. We just wouldn’t recommend a lower Hegel model as a pairing as they won’t fully come to life. That doesn’t mean you need to play them loud. Not all at! Bigger power usually isn’t about volume, but more the benefit comes from increases in current and control to bring out the best of speakers that need it. With the Hegel H190V and Acoustic Energy AE509, even at low to mid volume levels, you’ll get a captivating sound complete with revealing the bass and transparency these speakers are capable of reproducing. If paired with a lower powered amp, they’ll still sound good, but you won’t experience their full capabilities.
With the ample power of the Hegel H190V and the lightweight carbon fibre drivers of the Acoustic Energy AE509 you have sound that is incredibly quick and detailed but remains natural without listening fatigue. You can listen to this combo for extended sessions without your ears tiring. Many associate detail with hearing certain accentuated frequencies, but this isn’t the case at all. You get natural detail that reveals more about the recording without being assaulted by it. Bass is tight, punchy, extended and powerful. Don’t underestimate the bass from a speaker with 2 X 125mm (5 inch) midbass drivers. Make sure to give them enough space as the bass could overpower a small room if you’re playing at higher volume levels. This is a combo that completely engages you in the music and makes you want to listen to more.
Connect the Hegel H190V to your turntable with MM phono cartridge or home network via Ethernet and use it as a Roon endpoint or for simple playback of music streaming sources via Airplay, Spotify Connect or UPnP/DLNA. The H190V also features balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs plus coaxial and optical digital inputs for connection to other sources.
If your room is small or you prefer a bookshelf speaker with possibly the addition of a subwoofer, we’ve had great success using the Hegel H190V with the Acoustic Energy AE500.

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