Combo – JL Audio E-Sub IsoAcoustics and DSPeaker
JL Audio E-Sub, IsoAcoustics Aperta SUB and DSPeaker

Combo – JL Audio E-Sub IsoAcoustics and DSPeaker

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Note: the first picture is not to scale as the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033S-II is a very compact piece and could easily be hidden out of sight. Be sure to check out all the pictures. 

Do you want super high-quality bass that is powerful, extended and very clean without going as high as the JL Audo Fathom line with its built-in room optimization? Try the JL Audio E-Sub series on an IsoAcoustics Aperta SUB platform and eliminate the room modes with the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033S-II.
The JL Audio E-Sub series has long been a favourite of audiophiles and the high-end audio press alike. You get a lot of the quality of their famous reference Fathom series in a more affordable package. One big thing missing though with the E-Sub series is the Digital Automatic Room Optimization of its bigger brothers. That’s where DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033S-II comes in. Taking the analogue signal from your preamp-outs or sub-out via your choice of RCA interconnect(s), you can calibrate for one or two subs to eliminate the resonance and frequency humps in your sub/room interaction. This provides for a tighter sounding and much cleaner bass allowing you to hear full bass detail, impact and extension by eliminating the muddying effects of the sub and room interaction. Calibration with the 8033S-II is incredibly simple and requires no expertise. Then, since it is very compact, you can leave it all connected and hide it out of sight behind your other components if you prefer.
Then, to go even one further, the IsoAcoustics Aperta SUB (for the JL Audio e110) or the larger IsoAcoustics Aperta SUB XL (for the JL Audio e112) increases clarity and definition by reducing vibration and rattles of the sub interacting with the floor. This makes a great combo even better.
This combo provides astounding bass quality that is at home in very high calibre audio systems.

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