EA Ultimate Rack - Demo
EA Ultimate Rack - Demo

EA Ultimate Rack - Demo

On sale: CAN$1,699.00
Retail Price:CAN$2,999.00
You Save:CAN$1,300.00(43%)
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Part Number:EA-446
Demo model available at $1,699. Excellent condition. Local pickup only in Regina, SK. Contact us for further details.

Note: there are some marks on the top shelf, however, this could be swapped for one of the lower shelves or turned over for the marks to be on the underside. We normally have a turntable on top so you don't see these marks.

Audio racks are so much more than just a place to connect your equipment, but they become a component in their own right. Even with solidly built high-end components, vibration is a major detriment to the overall sound quality. If vibration is properly controlled, you’ll hear improvements in micro-dynamics, top end air and openness, better bass solidity and increased smoothness. The subtleties in recordings that come forth when vibration is controlled adds a level of realism to the sound that makes for a more engaging listening experience. While various tweaks can help a lesser rack, they’ll never take you to the level of sound you get with a properly designed audio rack.

This Canadian made rack features beautiful maple that is renowned for its superior sound quality in audio purposes. In addition to the inherent quality of the thick maple shelves, each shelf is isolated by being sandwiched top and bottom with natural rubber between the washer and the maple for effective energy dissipation. The threaded rod is also isolated from the shelf by natural rubber ensuring that rod itself does not touch the maple; thus making each shelf an island unto itself. Natural rubber has proven itself to be very effective in reducing vibration across a number of industries and is an exceptional solution in this particular application. Any potential residual vibration is then transferred down the 1.25” diameter rods and out to the bottom through the threaded brass spikes. Brass has been known for its effective transfer of vibration.

In combination this all works to minimize any vibration from the floor to the shelf and micro-dynamic shelf to shelf interaction. This allows for each individual component to reach its optimal sound quality.

With the threaded rods, shelve heights are easily adjusted for levelling and to accommodate for various component heights.

In person, this is a stunning looking rack that combines a combination of industrial solidness and heft with the elegance of beautiful maple and a touch of brass.

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