Esprit Eterna Power Cable - Demo
Esprit Eterna Power Cable

Esprit Eterna Power Cable - Demo

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1.5M (5ft)
Lightly demoed, but like brand new.

Hand-made in France since 1997.

Eterna Series
True references in the field of high fidelity for their performance/price ratio, the cables of the Eterna range preserve the slightest detail of the musical message and reveal a richness of sound that meets the highest audiophile demands. Their unprecedented realism and naturalness convey the emotion of music with unparalleled mastery. You won't find another equivalent in this price range that is as technically proficient and musically talented.

Asymmetric electrical structure
Twisted asymmetric dielectric
Esprit connectors
Silver plating over pure copper 40 microns / IEC

Design Philosphy
At the heart of all Esprit cables is the design philosophy to transmit signal and power as close to the original as possible. While this sounds simplistic in nature, delivering this result is extremely difficult. Cables by their passive nature cannot improve sound, but the best cables are more faithful to the original signal. You can’t add detail or dynamics; you can only lose it. As you go higher in the Esprit line, the cable designs go further to aid in transmitting the signal with even greater accuracy or less signal loss. The result, even from Esprit entry ranges, is a presentation that clearly shows the natural qualities, the harmonic and dynamic richness of your system in an unmatched way. Esprit has garnered a reputation in high-end audio circles as one of the very elite cable brands capable of delivering a musically natural, engaging and transparent sound.

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