GutWire B-10 Premium Power Cable
GutWire B-10 Premium power cable

GutWire B-10 Premium Power Cable

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With Furutech FI-28G termination, this special GutWire B-10 Premium power cable is unbelievable! The improvement for the price increase is of such a magnitude that we’ve decided to no longer carry the standard B-10, which itself is a superb cable.

The GutWire B-10 Premium provides substantial weight and impact in the bass while remaining agile and well defined. Other notable improvements are an increase in overall clarity and detail, while remaining smooth, with greater openness and larger soundstage.

The B-10 Premium is an outstanding power cable for amplifiers, high-powered subwoofers or used as the cable from your wall outlet to a line conditioner. However, it doesn’t stop there. This isn’t a power cable strictly for amplifiers. This cable will also work extremely well with preamps or source components such as DACs, music servers, CD players and much more.

For years, we’ve had excellent feedback from our clients on sound quality improvements using the hugely popular GutWire B-12 and then the B-10. This special edition GutWire B-10 Premium with Furutech termination raises the bar even much further. At this price and well beyond, we don’t think you’d find anything that touches it in terms of overall sound quality.

  • 3 - 10-gauge wires each consisting of 75 strands of high purity oxygen free copper.
  • Each wire is coated with low dielectric polyethylene, or PE, which is a very good insulation as it offers a low and stable dielectric constant across all frequencies and a very high insulation resistance.
  • Each lay of wire is further separated from each other with polyethylene filler tubes to further isolate the lays of wire.
  • The cable is coated with Mylar and paper separating the outer jacket, braided shielding and the conductors to help mitigate noise.
  • The outer jacket of the cable is PVC to further reduce outside interference.

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