GutWire SV-Lite Power Cable
GutWire SV-Lite Power Cable

GutWire SV-Lite Power Cable

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6ft with 20A Wattgate 320iHC IEC (+CAN$44.00)

GutWire SV-Lite power cable is the new starting point to the high-end SV-series with solid core conductors for increased dynamics and excellent current carrying capability. SV-Lite retains the GutWire traits of a smooth natural sounding delivery without a hyped presentation. You still have excellent detail retrieval, control and dynamics, but it comes across with ease and an unforced nature.

Conductors: Solid Core High Purity Oxygen Free Copper

Shield Coverage: 100% Mylar Metallic shielding

Insulation: Dupont TEFLON

IEC Connector: Wattgate 320i 15A or optional Wattgate 320i 20A HC

AC Connector: Wattgate 5266i 15A

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