iFi ZEN Stream Wi-Fi Audio Transport
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iFi ZEN Stream Wi-Fi Audio Transport

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Optional Power Supply Upgrade
with iFi iPower X 15V Ultra low-noise power supply [+CAN$159.00]
with iFi iPower Elite 15V power supply [+CAN$399.00]
Just add a DAC
Hi-res performance with up to PCM384 and DSD256 via Wi-Fi or LAN. Connect to the DAC of your choice via the USB or coaxial outputs and use your smartphone or tablet for control.

  • Two USB3.0 ports with Active Noise Cancellation II
  • S/PDIF out with the iPurifier built-in
  • Power supply with Silent Power tech
  • iFi software developed with Volumio open-source, but is then coded and optimized for superior performance and sound quality.

Exclusive Modes:

As part of the ZEN Stream’s unique design, you can select between ‘Exclusive’ modes – individual settings dedicated to specific modes of operation. In the All-in-one mode, all aspects of playback are possible, but choosing a specific mode shuts down other programs to minimize ‘software jitter’ for the purest playback possible.

  1. All-in-one (AIO) covers all modes
  2. DLNA streaming
  3. NAA streaming
  4. Roon Bridge streaming*
  5. Tidal streaming
*Roon Ready coming soon
Connectivity options:

  • Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect
  • DLNA via any certified streaming app (iFi’s own app is coming soon!)
  • Airplay and Chromecast* – stream from Apple and Android devices
  • Roon Ready – makes for a great Roon endpoint to use with your DAC
*Chromecast to come in a future update.

Ethernet Quick Start Guide

Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide

Output Setup

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