IsoAcoustics GAIA I Isolators (Set of 4)
IsoAcoustics Gaia I

IsoAcoustics GAIA I Isolators (Set of 4)

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GAIA I isolators effectively manage vibration to improve sound clarity, definition and openness for speakers and subwoofers weighing up to 220 lbs (100KG).

GAIA I isolators are finished in an elegant dark chrome machined stainless-steel housing. They provide a high level of isolation resisting lateral movement to reveal previously unheard levels of clarity, openness and transparency from your speakers. 

Their patented technology is quite unique as the GAIA are directional and the logo should be either facing toward or turned 180 degrees to the back. This allows the isolators to work in conjunction with the moving forces of the speaker’s drivers. Note: for speakers with side-firing woofers, still position the isolators with the logo forward or back to be in line with the critical forward firing midrange and tweeter.

The GAIA are threaded into the base of the speaker or speaker stand in place of existing spikes or feet. Best results are obtained by having the IsoAcoustics logo facing forward or turned 180 degrees if you aesthetically prefer to hide the logo. This aligns the isolators with the forces created by the speakers. Lift the speakers and place into position as the isolators will adhere to the surface. Be sure to watch the installation video below for optimal setup and ease of install.

The GAIA I includes thread adaptors for sizes M8-1.25, M12-1.25 and ¼”-20. Alternative thread size adaptors are available upon request.

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