Meze 109 Pro Headphones
Meze 109 Pro headphones

Meze 109 Pro Headphones

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4.4 mm Balanced Upgrade Cable
Add silver-plated OFC 4.4mm balanced upgrade cable for 99 series, Pro 109 or Liric (+CAN$79.00)
Add premium copper 4.4mm balanced upgrade cable for 99 series, Pro 109 or Liric (+CAN$349.00)
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The 109 Pro is Meze’s first open-back dynamic headphone and it’s a homerun! From overall sound quality, emotional delivery of the music, build and comfort, it’s an absolutely outstanding headphone.

Technical Features

50mm dynamic driver

Dual-Composite diaphragm featuring a Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer torus, a cellulose-carbon fibre composite dome and a copper-zinc alloy ring stabilizer.

W-shaped composite dome provides remarkable detail and definition yet is more durable than conventional alternatives. The lightweight composite reduces resonances that may lead to distortion.

The ultra-thin Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer torus surrounding the dome measures 22 microns in thickness. With the Beryllium coating, the aim was to increase the stiffness and durability of the driver while still keeping it light enough to achieve a fast transient response.

Beryllium's high damping qualities also help suppress unwanted resonances, giving the 109 PRO its neutral, vivid and transparent character. Around the membrane, the ring-shaped stabilizer made of copper-zinc alloy improves the absorption of vibrations to further reduce distortion.

The diaphragm is encased in a high-precision machined aluminum frame that has superior rigidity to typical plastics frames and retains perfect surface flatness, which is essential for the precision assembly with the diaphragm.

Comfort and Build

Sustainably harvested walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel and vegan leather in a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable structure.

Soft, breathable velour and memory foam earpads comfortably envelop the ears, providing the optimal seal to create an immersive experience.

Self-adjusting headband spreads out the weight and delivers even pressure regardless of head size.

109 PRO can be taken apart and serviced endlessly if ever needed, which can extend the life of the product beyond limit.

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