Meze ALBA In-Ear Headphones

Meze ALBA In-Ear Headphones

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Designed for the curious and the free-spirited, for the stylish travellers and people on the move, the ALBA in-ear monitors are a perfectly accessible and qualitative introduction to the world of elevated audio enjoyment. ALBA [Romanian noun | ‘alba — first light] also features a custom-made 3.5mm to USB-C adapter with a built-in DAC/AMP for a complete and immersive listening experience on the go.

Experience the unmistakable Meze sound. Possessing a neutral sound profile with an added touch of warmth, ALBA can vividly emphasize both the rain and the thunder in your favourite songs. Reach for the light, close your eyes, and press play.

By preserving the Meze Audio design language, high levels of comfort, ergonomics, and noise isolation are assured. The combination of zinc alloy and anodized aluminium parts ensures a resilient build. Additionally, the shell feels precious due to the iridescent colour finish, giving ALBA the appearance of a lustrous pearl.

Take the light with you anywhere you go. The Meze Audio custom-designed 3.5 mm to USB-C adapter lets you connect your earphones to any music source that has a USB-C connector. Made from the same high-quality materials as the headphone cable, this custom-made adapter has a built-in DAC/AMP (Digital-to-Analog Converter) to ensure an immersive audio experience. The adapter also features an LED indicator that turns on when properly connected.

  • The braided SPC 1.2m cable comes with a 3.5mm gold-plated jack termination, ensuring high durability, while not compromising on comfort.
  • Specially designed silicone ear tips help improve comfort and enhance noise isolation to let your music shine in any scenario. Four sizes included: S, M, L, and XL.
  • The eco-leather pouch is a stylish and practical solution to keep your earphones safe, and easily portable.

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