Meze Liric Headphones
Meze Liric Headphones

Meze Liric Headphones

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Meze’s top closed-back headphone powered by Rinaro's Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver, re-engineered for portable use.

Featuring the award-winning technology developed by our partners from Rinaro Isodynamics, re-engineered for day-to-day use, LIRIC is combining high-grade magnesium, leather and aluminium in an ergonomic design with a sleek, modern finish.

Designed for high-fidelity listening on the go, LIRIC delivers exquisite build quality and excellent comfort, paired with state-of-the-art audio, all contributing to a life-like, immersive, top-tier listening experience.

  • One of the most sophisticated and advanced planar magnetic technologies in the world has been scaled down for portable use in LIRIC's MZ4 driver.
  • An innovative PhaseXTM linearisation system which improves ambience and spatial sound imaging, solving a problem often found in closed back headphone designs.
  • Our Pressure Equalization System has been implemented, for better controlled airflow, and earcup chamber pressure, generating an airy, transparent sound.
  • A lightweight magnesium skeleton ensures the headphones stay flexible, shock-resistant and oxidation free, while the padded headband cushions and the earcups' ovoid shape complete its ergonomics and comfort.
  • The union of black leather, gloss-matte spatters on magnesium, and metallic copper accents are the perfect addition to this contemporary aesthetic, completing its portable personality.

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