Mobile Fidelity LP-9 Stylus Cleaner
Mobile Fidelity LP-9 Stylus Cleaner

Mobile Fidelity LP-9 Stylus Cleaner

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Improve sound quality and protect your investment by keeping your stylus clean!

MOFI LP#9 is the preferred choice amongst vinyl enthusiasts. A dirty stylus separates you and your music!

MOFI LP#9 helps to connect you to your music by:
cleaning your stylus like no other cleaner
lubricating your stylus to facilitate longer stylus life and less wear on the record groove
by providing smoother, grain-free sound and increasing the life of your stylus

Mobile Fidelity LP#9 comes with a world-renowned MOFI Stylus Brush which incorporates ultra-soft fibers bundled into a high-density cluster for maximum cleaning.

How to Use
1. First, use the dry brush first to remove some of the contaminants from the stylus pulling it from back to front.  It should be used regularly to keep the stylus clean, not necessarily before using the wet brush.

2. Next, use the wet applicator brush on the cap of the bottle to fine clean and lubricate the stylus. Start behind the stylus and pull forward delicately only touch the stylus and not the cantilever. Always brush from the back of the stylus to the front.

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