Opera Grand Callas Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)
Opera Grand Callas Mahogany

Opera Grand Callas Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

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With the Callas Series speakers, Opera intends to bring the pleasure of listening to music inside the home by recreating a three-dimensional, focused and stable musical scene. This is accomplished with speakers exhibiting correct timbre, dynamics and detail while being free from listener fatigue. The stunning Italian craftsmanship also ensures these speakers will not only bring you years of musical enjoyment, but also beautifully grace your listening space.

Hand Made in Italy
Every Opera Loudspeaker is proudly hand made in Italy. Cabinets and custom binding posts are both made locally in Treviso, Italy to Opera's specifications. As a further commitment to quality, internal wiring is sourced from renowned cable manufacturer Cardas Audio proving that the things you don't see are of equal importance as well. 

Grand Callas:
The new Grand Callas model is a three-way floorstanding speaker that completely replaces and renews the previous model. In terms of performance, the new Grand Callas is at the same level as the Tebaldi model but with a significant reduction in size and an increase in flexibility of use.

Designed for medium to larger listening spaces, the Grand Callas offers 2 x 8” bass drivers to pressurize a larger listening space than the Callas Diva. The flagship of this series offers astonishing realism, clarity and dynamics combined with the best in Italian craftsmanship. The Opera Grand Callas is an investment in unparalleled musical performance at this price and well beyond.

Room flexibility:
Grand Callas offers four possible configurations by allowing you to block the bass reflex ports. This feature is particularly useful when you need to position the speakers closer to room boundaries. You can fine-tune the frequency response by adjusting the ports and using the rear EQ switch. There’s no need to give up on reference calibre sound in less-than-ideal spaces.

The innovative back radiation system, featuring two tweeters configured as a dipole, preserves the accuracy of transient response, enhances detail and creates an expansive soundstage.

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