Dynaudio Contour 30

Floor Standing Speaker


The medium-sized one: powerful, controlled, remarkable

Power, control and elegance. The Contour 30 has been redesigned inside and out to deliver a truly memorable performance

Mid-size room? Mid-size speaker.

Contour 30 steps it up a notch from the 20. Of course, it still treads the same path – one of honesty, transparency and sheer entertainment, but it puts it all in a bigger package.

We’ve endowed Contour 30 with two 18cm MSP drivers, as well as doubling up on the rear ports. What makes our drivers so special? Variable thickness across the diaphragm, for one thing.
And aluminium voice-coils, for another. We can make them extremely light – but also bigger than the old-style copper units you’ll find elsewhere. Lighter weight means larger diameters, which means we can use more windings, which means we have more control over the cone movement. And that means more control over the sound – especially at high frequencies and high volumes. Sure, we experimented with small voice-coils on the new Contour – the size other companies might use. The measurements said they should work for Contour. Our ears said otherwise, so we went big. Our ears were right.

And, of course, we’ve included the ultra-pure, ultra-clear, ultra-sweet-sounding Esotar2 fabric soft-dome tweeter. You might also notice that we’ve put it back on top of the mid/bass drivers. Never let it be said that we don’t read our fan-mail.
And because we’re irrepressible tinkerers, we’ve given the inside a makeover, too. As with the Contour 20 and Contour 60, the Contour ’30 has new baskets to hold the drivers themselves, as well as a new crossover and new wiring. We listened to our old Contours for months – the whole range (as if we needed an excuse) – and decided we wanted the crossover to serve up even better bass. So now, you can go louder and lower. You’re welcome.
While our engineers and designers were hunkered down listening to everything from jazz, to classical, to metal, to electronica, the team in our on-site factory were scouring sustainable sources for high-quality materials and finishes. They make sure all Contours are furniture-grade: perfectly built, perfectly finished and perfectly packaged.

Esotar 2

The all-new Contour uses the ultra-pure, ultra-clear Esotar2 fabric soft-dome tweeter. It’s Dynaudio’s finest tweeter and commonly regarded as one of the world’s best-ever drivers.

New extended-excursion woofers

Newly developed one-piece extended-excursion woofers packed with new technology. You won’t find them on any other speaker. Anywhere.


We’ve redesigned the entire crossover, including using ultra high-quality Mundorf capacitors and a brand-new wiring configuration for even better bass.

Curved cabinet

Brand-new elegant and sleek looking cabinet that provides a solid foundation for the drivers to do their job.


Completely re-thought, re-designed, and re-engineered: the all-new Contour


  • New 18cm extended-excursion loudspeaker drivers for improved bass reproduction


  • Large diameter, aluminium voice-coils with 24% increased winding height


  • New asymmetric spider for increased system symmetry


  • World renown 28mm Esotar2 tweeter for ultra-clear high-frequencies


  • High-quality Mundorf capacitors and brand-new wiring configuration


  • MDF cabinet with curved edges for a solid construction


Standard finishes: Walnut Light Satin, Ivory Oak Satin, Black Piano Lacquer, White Piano Lacquer - $10,800 CAD Retail

Premium finishes: Grey Oak High Gloss, Rosewood Dark High Gloss - $12,500 CAD Retail


Sensitivity:87dB (2.83V / 1m)
IEC Power Handling:300W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency response (±3dB):32Hz – 23kHz
Box Principle:Bass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover:2½ way
Crossover Frequency:(300) /2200Hz
Crossover Topology:2nd order
Woofer:2 x 18cm MSP cone
Tweeter:28mm Esotar2
Weight:34.4kg / 75lb
Dimensions (W x H x D):215 x 1140 x 360mm
8.5 x 44.9 x 14.2in
Dimensions with feet/grill (W x H x D):300 x 1169 x 403mm
11.8 x 46.0 x 15.9in

The Absolute Sound

"I would never suggest that you purchase a loudspeaker without listening first. But I would suggest than any loudspeaker search is not complete without a stop at the house of Dynaudio. The new Contour Series is a welcomed, serious product from a company that I have long admired."


"Dynaudio is clearly on something of a roll at the moment. The remarkable Special Forty is one of the best standmounts you can buy, and the Contour 30 extends that ‘wow factor’ to floorstanders. Its also almost tailor made for typical Shard living/listening rooms (as opposed to giant man caves) the world over, both in looks and sound. I can’t help but be impressed. For many listeners, you’re done. This is all the loudspeaker you’ll ever need."

Stereo+ (Google translated)

"Dynaudio Contour 30 is just the speaker I hoped it should be. You can play so high that it hurts without any signs of compression, resonance or breathing noise from the gates, or you can play quiet, quiet music at low volume. The result is the same. The speaker conveys calm, control and musicality, but at the same time shows an almost ruthless precision and the ability to detail that creates some kind of trance, mild hypnosis or light sleep when you put on your favorite music. It is not overwhelming in any way, just delicious natural and balanced. And for some reason it's quite kind to bad recordings."