Hana SH and SL

Moving Coil Cartridge


Hana means "Brilliant and Gorgeous"

Excel Sound Corporation developed the Hana moving coil cartridge range, combining their 50 years cartridge design and manufacturing expertise with modern manufacturing technologies; using high quality materials together with long established hand assembly techniques for best quality. Excel Sound is proud to offer Hana as the embodiment of brilliance and beauty to value-seeking music lovers around the world, who demand the finest analog reproduction.


SH is the 2.0mv high output version

SL is the 0.5mv low output version


Output:2mv SH or 0.5mv SL
Output Balance:<1.5dB/1kHz
Tracking Force:2g
Channel Separation:28dB/1kHz
Frequency Response:15-32,000Hz
Impedance:130ohms/1kHz SH or 30ohms/1kHz SL
Suggested Load:47k SH or >400 SL

Mono and Stereo

"HANA SL cartridge offers a grand portion of high-end audio performance at the price point, that was unimaginable in the past."

the abso!ute sound

"After all of the installation/setups, ’table/’arm combinations, and phonostage cycling, the Hana cartridges demonstrated excellent value (EH and EL), excellent performance (SH), and exceptional all-around performance (SL) in their price categories. All of the Hana cartridges have a musically engaging presentation. There are no bothersome sharp edges on musical transients that can detract from enjoyment."

the ear

"If the vinyl revival continues I see a bright future for the new Hana brand, its excellent price to quality ratio should ensure that."

TNT Audio

"I could live with the Hana... If tomorrow all the other cartridges I had disappeared I would be quite happy to continue listening. I wouldn't feel short-changed, and though I might miss certain things they wouldn't 'bother' me so much. No other cartridge under 1500 Euro has passed this test. That the Hana is well below this limit is quite an achievement."

Hifi Pig

"I really liked these cartridges as they were fuss free and just got on with their job of producing great music. The low output for me was better but this doesn’t mean the high output was poor or wouldn’t be preferred by some listeners. If you only have a moving magnet input on your amp or pre amp then the high output version is a no brainer."


"The Hana takes you further into the inner structure of the music. It’s both informative and neutral in the best sense of these audio concepts. And while the Eroica has soul, the Hana has composure in spades a quality that will take you further and deeper into your music."