Ingress Audio - RollerBlocks



Vibration Isolation

Vibration is detrimental to sound quality in all aspects of audio reproduction from sensitive electronic components to speakers and their interaction with the room. These Ingress Audio Engineering RollerBlocks will greatly enhance the sound of your electronics. Expect considerable gains in bass definition and a larger soundstage with more open midrange and treble. Imaging is also more precise and focused.

The RollerBlocks are made from 1.5" forged 7075 aluminum, machined and polished up to a 2000 emery finish. They are meant to be used open face with the included (3) 1/2" bearings. Use them in a tripod arrangement with the bearing making contact with the underside of your component. Whether two are used in the back and one in the front, or the other way around, can be personal preference. Ideally, use two on the part of the component where there is more weight.

Used under the chassis of any component, you will see a significant improvement in your system. They are nothing short of amazing. Overall height is 1.050". Included are (3) bases and (3) bearings.

  • Latest Level 3 Version 3 model
  • 1.5" forged 7075 aluminum, machined and polished up to a 2000 emery finish
  • (3) bases
  • (3) bearings
  • Overall height is 1.050"

Many manufacturers spend their efforts on the design of the electronics but often neglect to use high quality feet. How your component interfaces with your audio rack can play a significant role in its sound quality. The Ingress Audio Engineering RollerBlock bypasses the inferior feet included on many components and allows you to hear its full potential. Our experience with these RollerBlocks underneath a Melco Digital Music Library was enough to convince us to carry the product. Note: the Melco already uses better feet than most, but the Ingress Audio Engineering RollerBlocks still made a considerable improvement. We have also noticed substantial gains using them underneath a Hegel H190 integrated amplifier.