Vertere Pulse D-Fi

Speaker Cable


Combining high-end quality and connectivity with ultimate flexibility and discreet appearance Pulse D-Fi Speaker Cable can partner any audio or A/V system.

Where high performance and near ‘invisibility’ are required, the D-Fi speaker cable will come into its own. The miniature nature of this extraordinary cable allows high-end quality connectivity with ultimate flexibility – it partners any audio or A/V scenario.

D-Fi speaker cable is available with Vertere proprietary 4mm Banana or Spade connectors.


Touraj from Vertere describes why cables are the weak link in most audio systems


Termination and Length

4mm banana or spade


2.0M pair $575 CAD

2.5M pair $660 CAD

3.0M pair $745 CAD


Type / Description:Stereo Loudspeaker Cable
Termination and Length:4mm Banana, Spade 2.00m (Additional lengths in 0.5m steps)
Cable Type:x5 Conductors, Pulse Multi Type
Conductor:High Purity Copper
Plating:Silver, Tin
Insulation:PTFE, PVC
Shield:Main Braid + Inner Wrap
Connector:D-Fi with x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Shield Management:No
Size:3.5mm Dia.
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In all high quality audio systems, the importance of cables cannot be ignored. Cables are the longest signal path in any system and high quality cables will help ensure minimal losses in fidelity as the signal travels between components. Designed as a high fidelity speaker cable for modest systems and beyond, it is a dynamic performer that preserves as much of the signal as possible getting to your loudspeakers for a lifelike sound. A great match to other Vertere Pulse D-Fi cables such as their stereo interconnect or tonearm cable.