Pylon Topaz 20 Clearance (pair)
Pylon Topaz 20 Clearance (pair)

Pylon Topaz 20 Clearance (pair)

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Pylon Topaz 20 – clearance $799. Special pricing available on local pickup. Free shipping in Canada. Does not ship to the US.

Black ash vinyl finish. 2-way with 6.7” bass/midrange and 2.75” tweeter. Budget price doesn’t mean budget sound. These punch well above their price point. Superb match with something like the Bluesound Powernode or Hegel H95.

Stereolife – “…the verdict is one. Pylon Audio Topaz 20 is a loudspeaker with sensational value for money. This is one of those things that restores faith in good stereo for little money.”

HD Opinie – Product of the Year 2012 – “…it is something that we would recommend without any doubt to anyone who is looking for solid floor speakers.”

The Topaz 20 speaker is a two-way speaker system based on carefully selected cellulose transducers. The mid-range loudspeaker provides a rare finesse and naturalness in the band reproduced by itself, its complement is a 17cm woofer with a coated membrane. Traditionally, Pylon Audio has made a crossover of high-class components, which is complemented by oxygen-free copper cabling.

If you have been seduced the sound of the Pylon Pearl speakers, you will surely be carried away by the magic of the Topaz 20 speaker system, which is characterized by an even more precise stage, coherence and naturalness of the sound. Unique in this price range, vocals and fine tunes allow you to get a show of fluidity and emotion, and at the same time feel comfortable with a large structure, with a solid bass foundation. The whole sound is flavoured with the atmosphere of a beautiful, analogue colour. 

The Topaz 20 loudspeakers, thanks to their charming musicality, will work with any music genre in rooms up to 30m2.

Impedance - 8 Ohms
Frequency response - 38 - 20,000 Hz
Nominal power - 50 W
Maximum power - 80 W
Efficiency - 86dB
Dimensions [W x H x D] - 210 x 930 x 250 mm
Weight - 18 kg / piece
Woofer - Pylon Audio PSW 17-80.8
Tweeter - PST Audio PST T-70.08
Spikes - Yes
Speaker grille - Yes, magnetic

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