Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audiophile Grade Network Switch
Silent Angel Bonn N8 front angle

Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audiophile Grade Network Switch

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Linear Power Supply and DC upgrade cables
Vibration Suppression
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Bonn N8 is an audiophile grade network switch designed to provide the purest quality signal, devoid of noise, for your digital music streaming. The Bonn N8 provides an audio zone that’s isolated from your other household network traffic. The audio information is passed with less interference, more accurately timed data and increased purity due to a reduction of noise and distortion that can enter your system through your streamer. The Bonn N8 utilizes an EMI absorber (>120 @1MHz) inside the enclosure to reduce electrical interference.

As opposed to some audio manufacturers that use low-cost components in their switches and/or repackage and sell them as audio-grade, the Bonn N8 delivers superior quality by specifying critical components without compromise despite higher costs. The Bonn N8 delivers this quality at a lower price than other true audio grade switches.

Noise-filtering Power Adapter
The included medical-grade power adapter ensures solid stable power. However, you can take performance even further with the Forester F1 linear power supply (see below).

Exclusive Clock Module, TCXO
Silent Angel’s 0.1ppm TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) is 50 times more precise than the generic crystal clocks used by many. This results in lower latency issues and reduced jitter effects.

Jitter Effect Improvement
When transmitting network packets, distortion is a common artifact. The Bonn N8 effectively lowers jitter to 369ps versus typical switches present at 705ps.

Designed for Music Streaming
  • The Bonn N8 delivers superior quality by providing an isolated network environment that separates your audio devices from noisy household traffic generated from personal computers and other bandwidth intensive devices. This results in improved signal purity with lower noise, distortion and greater resolution of fine detail.
  • Designed for increased performance from high-resolution streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz and more.
  • Ideal for playing music from your NAS (Network Attached Storage). Works well with multiple brands such as QNAP and Synology.
Further Upgrades
Power Source
The optional Forester F1 linear power supply (supplying dual 5V 2A DC outputs) provides further improvement in power delivery, stability and lower noise. Comes with two standard 5.5mm X 2.1mm DC plug cables.

Bastei series optional DC upgrade cables (when used with the Forester F1)
  • Light Orange: Red Copper + Red Copper (negative and positive poles). Balance the sound field of your Hi-Fi audio system. Listen to the deep emotions of human vocal.
  • Snowy White: Pure Silver + Pure Silver (negative and positive poles). Bring out the melodious high-frequency sound experience. Feel the ultimate clarity of Classical Music.

Vibration Suppression
Silent Angel S28 stainless steel resonance control feet minimize vibration and reduce mechanical noise.

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