Silent Angel Forester F1 5V Linear Power Supply
Silent Angel Forester F1 front

Silent Angel Forester F1 5V Linear Power Supply

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Bastei series DC upgrade cables
Vibration Suppression
Add Silent Angel S28 stainless steel feet (3-pack) (+CAN$149.00)
Designed as the ideal partner for the Bonn N8 and other Silent Angel 5V products, the Forester F1 delivers clean and stable power to allow the components to deliver their full potential. 

The Forester F1 is enclosed in an elegant metal chassis with a solid aluminum alloy front panel. The F1 features a toroidal transformer with high-quality power management, MOSFET components and fast response time. It supplies extremely stable DC power with ultra-low voltage fluctuation.

The Forester F1 linear power supply (supplying dual 5V 2A DC outputs) provides improvement in power delivery, stability and lower noise. Comes with two standard 5.5mm X 2.1mm DC plug cables.

Bastei series optional DC upgrade cables (when used with the Forester F1)
  • Light Orange: Red Copper + Red Copper (negative and positive poles). Balance the sound field of your Hi-Fi audio system. Listen to the deep emotions of human vocal.
  • Snowy White: Pure Silver + Pure Silver (negative and positive poles). Bring out the melodious high-frequency sound experience. Feel the ultimate clarity of Classical Music.

Vibration Suppression
Silent Angel S28 stainless steel resonance control feet minimize vibration and reduce mechanical noise.

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Silent Angel Forester F1 5V Linear Power Supply
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