Skylan Stands for Opera Callas (Pair)
Skylan Stands for Opera Callas

Skylan Stands for Opera Callas (Pair)

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Skylan's 2-post speaker stands are the go-to recommended choice by many high-end audio enthusiasts for the combination of performance and affordability. These elegant stands have been tweaked and refined over the years to push the envelope of performance that can be had at this price while providing an aesthetic that will be a great match with many speakers.

Skylan's SP-24-Callas provides mass-loadable columns in a stand that is strong, yet light with a top plate that narrows to the back to fit the specific size of the Opera Callas. They are engineered with both MDF and polymer extrusion for optimal resonance control characteristics. These stands are designed for the serious audiophile at reasonable prices. The base is 1" thick, and features die-cast threaded inserts for adjustable steel points or soft feet. The top plate is also rigid and non-resonant and incorporates high friction neoprene decoupling pads to improve the speaker/stand interface.

The combination of price and performance has made Skylan Stands one of the most highly regarded speaker stand brands.

Mass loading: While you can experiment with different mass-loading materials such as sand for a very heavy and inert stand, Skylan’s experimentation has resulted in them typically recommending smoker wood pellets as a fill that dampens vibration while not adding too much mass which can result in a sound that feels too dead with some speakers. With the Opera Callas, you can get excellent results by combining two materials such as sand and wood pellets to have an ideal deal mix of some weight without over deadening.

Height: 24”

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