Soundcare SuperSpikes - Self Adhesive - Set of 3 spikes
Soundcare SuperSpikes - Self Adhesive - Set of 3 spikes

Soundcare SuperSpikes - Self Adhesive - Set of 3 spikes

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The Soundcare SuperSpike is an all new-design, all-in-one spike foot. The unique construction of the SuperSpike eliminates the most common problem experienced when using a conventional spike: damaged surfaces, while offerings the benefits of isolating the equipment from external vibrations in the environment.

The self adhesive version has many uses. Use this version under speakers that do not have threaded inserts or do not have threadsizes that are offered by Soundcare. Having them in a tripod arrangement allows for a stable footing even in situations of slightly uneven floors. This version is also fantastic under electronic components such as amplifiers, CD players, etc. Try them under subwoofers as well. Triangular positioning of the feet allows for optimal sonic benefit and is even more cost effective as only three spikes are required per component.

All Soundcare® spikes are spikes with a rounded tip (0.5 mm in diameter) standing in a crater with a flat bottom. In this way we get a very small contact area combined with enormous strength. 

The Soundcare SuperSpike is an assembly of :

  • An outer, sturdy, clean looking housing of ABS plastic (1)
  • Spike made of first class case hardened steel (2)
  • Zinc casing (3) that reduces resonances in the spike and is specially designed to hold the plastic housing when the equipment is lifted
  • Zinc disc (4) with a mild steel insert (5)
  • Self adhesive felt disc made from 1.25mm quality felt with permanent fairly high coatweight tape
  • Double coated tape, 3M 9573 high performance permanent tape

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