Soundcare SuperSpikes Standard - Set of 4 Spikes
Soundcare SuperSpikes under stands

Soundcare SuperSpikes Standard - Set of 4 Spikes

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M6 to M10 thread converter - Set of 4 - use with M6 SuperSpikes for speakers with M10 thread (+CAN$19.95)

The Soundcare SuperSpike is an all new-design, all-in-one spike foot. The unique construction of the SuperSpike eliminates the most common problem experienced when using a conventional spike: damaged surfaces, while offerings the benefits of isolating the equipment from external vibrations in the environment.

All Soundcare® spikes are spikes with a rounded tip (0.5 mm in diameter) standing in a crater with a flat bottom. In this way we get a very small contact area combined with enormous strength.

The Soundcare SuperSpike is an assembly of :

  • An outer, sturdy, clean looking housing of ABS plastic (1)
  • Spike made of first class case hardened steel (2)
  • Zinc casing (3) that reduces resonances in the spike and is specially designed to hold the plastic housing when the equipment is lifted
  • Zinc disc (4) with a mild steel insert (5)
  • Self adhesive felt disc made from 1.25mm quality felt with permanent fairly high coatweight tape
  • Lock nut

Threadsize Information

It can be smart to measure your old spikes before you buy. Here are some thread specifications:

M6 --> 6mm outer diameter --> 10 threads per cm

M8 --> 8mm outer diameter --> 8 threads per cm

M10 - supported with the Soundcare SuperSpikes thread converter --> 10mm outer diameter --> 6.67 threads per cm

M12 (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 12mm outer diameter --> 5.7 threads per cm

1/4" --> 1/4 inch = app. 6.35 mm outer diameter --> 20 threads per inch = app. 7.8 threads per cm.

5/16" --> 5/16 inch = app. 7.94 mm outer diameter --> 18 threads per inch = app. 7.05 threads per cm

3/8" (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 3/8 inch = app. 9.3 mm outer diameter --> 16 threads per inch = app. 6.45 threads per cm

7/16" (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 7/16 inch = app. 10.1 mm outer diameter --> 14 threads per inch = app. 5.65 threads per cm

1/2" (NOT SUPPORTED) --> 1/2 inch = app. 12.4 mm outer diameter --> 12 threads per inch = app. 4.85 threads per cm

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