Stillpoints Ultra 6 Isolator
Stillpoints Ultra 6 with Ultra Base

Stillpoints Ultra 6 Isolator

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Sold individually. In most cases, three is all that is needed per component. They can be ordered without the Ultra Base, however, for the small additional cost the base is a worthwhile investment yielding even better sound and allows for component levelling.

The Stillpoints Ultra 6 is the ultimate vibration isolation product for electronic components. The exposed technology pockets come in direct contact with the component offering maximum benefit. There are five technology pockets exposed on top and one technology pocket underneath. This is absolutely state-of-the-art vibration isolation for the very best systems and is universally raved by both the audio press and customers. Once you hear the effect of having your components completely decoupled from the surface below, you can’t go back!

Using Stillpoints, there is no direct energy path between the component or speaker and the surface below. Most other products dampen vibration which can affect the tonality of the sound within the audible range. Stillpoints operate outside of the range of hearing and won’t affect the tonality or signature of your components. However, you’ll hear your components at their best with improved dynamics and bass articulation plus increased lower level detail with a smooth top end featuring more air and spaciousness. By isolating vibration and lowering the noise floor, they won’t alter the sound of your components but allow you to hear their full capability. The additional nuances and naturalness brought to your system makes for a much more engaging musical experience.

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