Stillpoints Ultra Mini Isolator
Stillpoints Ultra Mini Isolator

Stillpoints Ultra Mini Isolator

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Stillpoint’s entry level Ultra vibration isolator. The Ultra Mini with base utilizes the technology of its bigger siblings but is reduced to a small size.

Great for lighter to medium weight components (DACs, streamers, integrated amps, etc.) or many standmount speakers. For components, have the base on the shelf with the component sitting on the smaller end. Three feet are suitable for many components in a tripod arrangement, however, adding a fourth can provide additional benefit. Ideally, place the Ultra Mini isolators to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. For example, when using three, if the component has more weight to the back, then place two Ultra Mini at the back of the component and one at the front. For standmount/bookshelf speakers, the best placement is to have the Ultra Mini between the stand and the speaker. You could use a little bit of Blu-Tac or similar putty to attach the base to the stand with the Ultra Mini pointing upwards. Your speakers then rest on top.
Using Stillpoints, there is no direct energy path between the component or speaker and the surface below. Most other products dampen vibration which can affect the tonality of the sound within the audible range. Stillpoints operate outside of the range of hearing and won’t affect the tonality or signature of your components. However, you’ll hear your components at their best with improved dynamics and bass articulation plus increased lower level detail with a smooth top end featuring more air and spaciousness. By isolating vibration and lowering the noise floor, they won’t alter the sound of your components but allow you to hear their full capability. The additional nuances and naturalness brought to your system makes for a much more engaging musical experience.
Note: Do not exceed 54 lbs for either a set of 3 or set of 4.

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