Stillpoints Ultra SS Isolator
Stillpoints Ultra SS Isolator

Stillpoints Ultra SS Isolator

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The Stillpoints Ultra SS (stainless steel) uses 10 ceramic bearings in a four-tier filter to take isolation and vibration dissipation to an extremely high level. They are capable of handling a weight of over 1,000 lbs each! Best suited for speakers or a wide variety of components.
For components, have the flat bottom on the shelf with the component sitting on the rounded UItra SS Hard Hat. Loosen the Hard Hat slightly for best results and the Hard Hats can be adjusted to level the component. Three feet are suitable for many components in a tripod arrangement, however, adding a fourth can provide additional benefit. Ideally, place the Ultra SS isolators to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. For example, when using three, if the component has more weight to the back, then place two Ultra SS at the back of the component and one at the front.
If using as feet replacement on speakers using optional threaded Stillpoints Adapters, the Hard Hat can be used for leveling and the body should not be affixed directly against the speaker. There should be a slight air gap approximately the thickness of a credit card between the two surfaces.
Using Stillpoints, there is no direct energy path between the component or speaker and the surface below. Most other products dampen vibration which can affect the tonality of the sound within the audible range. Stillpoints operate outside of the range of hearing and won’t affect the tonality or signature of your components. However, you’ll hear your components at their best with improved dynamics and bass articulation plus increased lower level detail with a smooth top end featuring more and spaciousness. By isolating vibration and lowering the noise floor, they won’t alter the sound of your components but allow you to hear their full capability. The additional nuances and naturalness brought to your system makes for a much more engaging musical experience.
Compared to the Ultra Mini, the Ultra SS have considerably more isolation capability and result in a sound that is bigger/bolder and even more realistic.

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